Armytrix Cat-Back For Range Rover Evoque DYNAMIC 2.0 TURBO (2011-)

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Armytrix is proud to present an automotive accessory for the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque.

The Land Rover Evoque (PURE/SE) Exhaust System – complete with Dual Chrome Silver Tips provides a platform for the most passionate car enthusiast to adorn their vehicle with turbo charged RPM, horse power, torque along with real car throttle.

This special accessory will enhance the drive and handling of your vehicle, with even the staunchest of traditionalists sure to buy this exhaust.

This Armytrix manifestation of turbo charged and V12 excellence will ensure that when you are out and about, you will not be recognised as a driver, you are a trend setter – someone who knows all about automotive couture.

Even though the Evoque is one of the most head turning vehicles out there, the resplendent sound, the purr of the engine will make people think a true gentleman is behind the wheel of such a car.

An ideal combination of supercharged panache and ambience, the exhaust amalgamates flawlessly.

Developed for the man or woman who wants to reach full throttle and put their foot down – this ground-breaking creation showcases optimal flow and will decrease the pollutant gas, too.

If you are looking for the principal performance and sound accessory – then look no further.

Rest assured, should you require any further information, our team is on hand to direct you through the entire process of buying online and having your new Armytrix exhaust installed.